Tinder is a social collaboration platform for your team or organization. We help you get work done by enabling you to discuss and share content with your colleagues.

Share content

Collaborate by discussing and sharing content. Create groups together with your colleagues and explore the possibilities.

Cloud based

Tinder is cloud based and can be accessed with most modern browsers. We officially support Chrome, Firefox and IE9.

Stay up to date

Get notification e-mails for important changes and messages. Subscribe to the content you find interesting.

Flexible structure

Structure your content according to your needs. Change your structure at any time to match new needs and requirements.

Visual content

Common document types show thumbnails and can be viewed directly online. Customize the style of folders to find content faster.

Revision history

All content keeps its history and old versions. This makes it easy to go back in time and get just the right version of a document.

Search for anything

All your content is automatically made searchable. Easily find the document, message or person you are looking for.

Lots of space

Our free accounts include 5 gigabytes of storage space. Our premium accounts include 20 gigabytes per user.

Secure connection

All interactions with Tinder are made over a secure connection. We secure your experience with SSL/TLS.

Latest news

Share content with your customers and business partners

We’ve recently launched the ability to share content with anyone using Tinder. You can now invite anyone to a specific document, folder or group by using the Share-button. Read more about External Users

Free up to 5 users

You can easily get started today with our free accounts. You can invite up to four colleagues and store up to 5 gigabytes of content. It’s easy to upgrade your account at any time.

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Free up to five users